Truth Team Letter #1/2018

 As you begin 2018, I challenge you to ask yourself (as I have asked myself), what changes do I need to make in 2018 that will draw me into closer fellowship with Jesus?  If you are honest with yourself, you will be able to think of some real tangible ways, as I have, to make this a year that deepens your love for, and trust in, Jesus.  Perhaps it is setting time aside daily for prayer and Bible reading, or maybe it is setting a goal to memorize scripture, or a willingness to be more bold and courageous in sharing Jesus with friends, teammates and classmates.   Whatever God leads you to do, make this a year that you are ‘Willing to Risk’ everything for Jesus.  You will hear more about the meaning of that phrase from our staff as the year goes on.


FIRST, please let others know about the Truth Team!  I want to bring together a community of believers who want to be challenged and encouraged to stand firm in their faith.  If you want your friends to be able to receive letters from our staff, and other Truth Team members like Raya, or be invited to events like the Movie Night we had in August, then let others know that they can now enroll in the Truth Team at the NRBA website.

SECOND, the Truth Team is for all ages so even if you have gone off to college, I want you to continue to be a part of our team and to ‘Stand for Truth’ on your college campus.  Therefore, it is so important that I have updated address information for all our members.  Please email me with any changes to your contact information so that you can stay connected to this network of Christ followers.

THIRD, I want to hear your stories of God’s faithfulness, and I want our members to be encouraged by those stories, so please email me, or call me, and share what God is doing in your life.

FINALLY, I am here to provide support for all our members so please do not ever hesitate to reach out.  You have friends at the NRBA who are committed to helping you anyway we can.

Keep representing King Jesus and keep telling others about His salvation.  As always, I AM PRAYING FOR YOU.

Coach Miller