Shooters Heaven

Shooter’s Heaven is offered from August 15, 2018 through June 5, 2019.

The NRBA understands that finding the time and place to get the kind of repetitions you need to be a great shooter is sometimes difficult. It’s also difficult to stay focused without a coach’s support and motivation. At the NRBA we believe that game shots at game speed = game results; therefore, we’re committed to helping you achieve those results by planning and supervising your shooting workout. You call us, in season or out of season, and we will schedule 60 minutes with you, getting you the kind of repetitions that lead to success for just $50/session or $210 for 5 sessions. The NRBA uses two Gun shooting machines to assist in your shooting development. The NRBA has also developed its own specific shooting programs that are designed to take your shooting accuracy to a new level.

This is an intense program for advanced players who already have a solid background in shooting fundamentals.

Call to schedule sessions (919-847-2017).

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