In the previous basketball tip, we discussed the use of a cross jab from a triple threat position and broke down the technique to execute the move.  As a reminder, the triple threat cross jab is a great move to shift your defender and create space.  The first option out of the cross jab is to shoot if you create enough space and your defender does not recover. However, depending on how your defender responds and plays, the shot option will not always be available .  If the shot is not available,  then the next option out of the cross jab is to rip and go.  

As you execute the cross jab, your defender must move / shift in order to stay in between you and the basket.  At this point, if the shot is not available, you can simply open your hips back up, rip the ball below your knees and explode by your defender.  When making this move, be focused on changing speeds while transitioning from the cross jab to your rip and go.  This change of speed should be an explosive movement and done in a way that “catches your defender by surprise”.  As you rip and go, using your dribble to drive the ball, make sure you are keeping your eyes up in order to make a proper read (your defender and help defense).  When reading the defense, you must be ready and able to finish at the rim, pullup and shoot, make a secondary move, or kick the ball out to a teammate.

As you work on this option, it is important to exaggerate the following key fundamentals: 1) be strong with and protect the ball, 2) take a long cross jab to shift / move your defender, 3) open your hips back up, rip the ball hard and low (below your knees) and explode (change speeds), 4) keep your eyes up as you rip and go, and 5) read your defender and the help defender(s) as you drive.